Minecraft, as we all know, is a very fun game, but at some point you are, most likely, going to want to play with other people. This is where the multiplayer aspect of Minecraft comes into play. Playing with multiple people, on Minecraft, is not a very hard thing to do.

Joining another person’s server

In Minecraft you have two options when it comes to multiplayer. Which option you choose will depend on if you want to play locally (LAN) or with people that are not playing on the same connection as you. The second option is, most likely, the one that you want to play. Minecraft uses IP addresses in order to connect you to a server of your choice. There are many popular and populated Minecraft servers that you can pick from. Finding a Minecraft server, that looks interesting to you, is as simple as doing a quick Google search! We also recommend Find Minecraft Servers to find the best server IP. Once you do find a server that you want to join, all that you have to do is find their IP address, which is, almost always, listed on their webpage. After you have the IP address, simply open Minecraft, choose the multiplayer option, type in the IP address, click join, and, if everything went correctly, in seconds you will be on the Minecraft server that you chose.

Playing Minecraft locally (LAN)

If you want to play with another person and they are on the same connection as you, but are using another computer, than you do not need to type in an IP address to play with them. All that you have to do is, first, log onto the world you want to play on, hit your escape key, choose the LAN option, pick all of the rules that you want the world to have, and now the other person should be able to detect your world without having to do anything more than usual. The person using the other computer now, simply, needs to click on your world, and you should now both be logged onto the same world! One big tip is that the person who has the fastest computer should be the one who hosts the server, so that there are less lag issues


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