Minecraft and mods go together like peanut butter and jelly. Mods differ greatly. Some virtually make you a God. Other mods may just give you a little help when needed and some can just make the game look better. Almost all Minecraft players, at some point, want to install a mod, but this can be a tough process for someone who is new to modding. So, I have compiled an easy to follow guide to make it a little easier for those who need it.

First, find the mod you want. A great site that is updated daily with new amazing mods is Minecraft Mods. Make sure that you are running the required version of Minecraft for the particular mod you choose, or it will not work! Download the mod, making sure to save it somewhere you can get to. A new folder on your desktop is perfect.

Next, you will need a program that can unzip files. I prefer winRaR. It is completely free, and I have never had trouble with it. You can download the 32bit version, and the 64bit version! If you have windows and are not sure which version you need, then follow these simple steps; click your start button, right click my computer, and now look for how many bits your operating system can run. On that page it will either say 32bit or 64bit.

Once you have winRaR downloaded, unzip the mod you downloaded in a folder on your desktop, go to your user “AppData” (Search for %appdata% with windows search feature) folder, click the folder named “.minecraft,” (If you cannot find it then click view and make sure all hidden files are being shown.), open the bin folder, right click “minecraft” and hit open with winRaR, delete the folder named “MetaINF”, now place all of the mod’s files according to how they are labeled. For example, if there is a folder named “resources” then you would want to put that into the “resources” folder. Prompts may pop up asking you if you want to replace files, click yes.

That’s it! You should now be ready to play minecraft with your newly installed mod. I tried to keep this as simple as possible, but the best way to learn is by doing. Once you install your first mod, the rest become very easy. Do not be afraid of messing your minecraft.jar file up, because you can always download it again, but I doubt you will need to.


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