One of the strongest, if not the strongest, minerals in Minecraft is the cherished diamond! At first they can seem unattainable, since you rarely see them, but trust me soon you will have more than you will know what to do with.

First, you must have a steel or higher pickaxe in order to mine diamonds. Using the bare minimum of steel will make things very slow, but is still very doable. Diamonds are found as you dig deep past Minecraft’s outer crust. It is much like a Tootsie Pop, the good stuffs in the middle. I prefer to dig down sideways, making a staircase so that you can easily come back out without ladders. Also, just because you are underground, do not think that you are safe. You are far from it. So prepare!

The normal preparations I make before venturing into the dangerous diamond infested territory are as follows; Make armor, put things I want to keep in a storage box just in case I do die, cook and pack plenty of food, gather at least a stack of torches and an extra stack of sticks, make many of the best pickaxes, make a few spades, and last, but certainly not least, make the best sword I can.

So, we are ready to dig deep and find the treasure beneath! As I said before, I prefer to dig at a slanted angle, so that I do not require ladders. I usually will find a few hollow spots before I reach Minecraft’s floor. These are usually worth exploring for coal, steel, and such. Keep digging down, keeping in mind to look for extra goodies and evil baddies. If you can avoid a fight, then do it. You are on a mission; it is not worth the risk. You can come back later with a full set of diamond gear and squash that pesky spider.

You will know when you have hit the bottom. You no longer are able to dig any farther down; only sideways and the stone will be darker than normal. Now is when you pick a spot and dig horizontally. Even if it seems like it is taking too long, keep digging. You will eventually find lava, which you need to avoid like the plague. You may run across some diamonds by just being on the bottom floor. Many people say that lava is an indicator of diamonds. I love it when I am digging, and then suddenly I am in a gigantic cave, I can almost smell the diamonds; their odor is not as pleasant as you might think, or I have been playing too long. I guarantee that using this method you shall be successful.


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