In the world of Minecraft, there are sometimes confusing methods of navigating the world you create. You can swim, run, and even fly to build the world you desire in the land of Minecraft. While players of this online game make navigation seem flawless, those who have never played the game can find navigation daunting and confusing.

When you enter the world, you create a spawn point. This point is where you will return if you die or leave the game. It is always a good idea to build your home a good distance away especially in case you are playing on a multi-player format so that your base is harder for others to destroy. To make sure you don’t advertise your home base, open the debug screen of the game by pressing the F3 button on your keyboard and making note of your X and Z coordinates when you start building. Making notes of the coordinates for anything you might want to return to later and a good habit to get in to since there are always things to discover in Minecraft.

Another good way to mark where you are going is to use trail markers. These markers can be of whatever material you wish to use and placed at various intervals throughout your exploration. If you make note of what material marks which trail, you can easily make various paths to different parts of your world. When placing trail markers such as torches, make sure you place them far enough apart that you can see two at all times; the one you came from and the one you are going towards.

Another good method of marking trails is to use signs. You can place them at random intervals with either arrows or writing directions. You can also use torches to light up the signs and make them visible even at night. Or you can use pillars or anything that your mind can think of to help you remember the paths that you want to continue exploring. Signs and torches are most effective for underground exploration as opposed to above ground exploration.

If you choose to use a trench to mark your paths, make sure you dig them two blocks into the dirt. This way, when you get further in the game and have the materials to do so, you can make railroads and regular roads to travel on. This is useful so that each path is clearly marked by an actual trail, not just markers.

The final method of navigation is naval navigation. Many people choose to explore the worlds they create by sea or water travel. Building a boat, taking it to sea and sailing the open water. However, if there’s one thing that is certain, is that navigating on the open sea, it’s that it’s easy to get lost. This is where maps come into play. Creating a map allows you to see where you have been, where you have yet to go, and keep tract of your adventures.

These images outline the process of raising a map up to your vision in Minecraft.

Maps are the best choice when navigating Minecraft, however, because you need a way to make them, the next best choice is to create markers. Sometimes, when playing, you may forget to write down the coordinates for where you were exploring, or your list gets lost. Markers are the second best choice when you can’t make maps.


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