In Minecraft, since you never know when a zombie might take a bite at your flesh, you need to set your controls the way you feel most comfortable. Minecraft has a built in control setting that you can customize. I myself, have a Razor Naga gaming mouse. The Razor Naga has twelve buttons on the side; thus making it very useful for key binding. Key binding is a term that defines setting a key, which normally would be something else, to a preferred key. For example, I set all of the buttons on the hotbar to one of the twelve buttons on the side of my mouse. This gives me very quick access to items I may need to switch to, depending on the scenario.

Minecraft’s default controls are very easy to get to hang of, and do not really need changing, unless you have another preferred method of using your keys. More advanced players say that key binding is a must, in any game. It allows you to react quicker than you would with the normal settings. An example would be, putting jump on the E key, instead of the spacebar. In order to change a button to another, simply click W, for example, with your mouse cursor, then click the key you wish to change it into. It Is as simple as that.

Play around with key binding until you find the setup that is right for you, or just keep the default settings. This is completely your choice. Key binding can have a huge learning curve, but is very useful to learn, not only for Minecraft, but for any game, especially MMORPGs or Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games, such as World of Warcraft or Everquest 2.

Once you have mastered you have your controls setup then it is time to test them out in combat. Make sure to view our “Surviving Your First Night” guide if you are unsure of how to fight properly. It is very helpful, especially to new players. You want to make sure that you are able to fight against a zombie, swinging your weapon of choice as fast as possible, and without taking any damage. Once you have accomplished this, pat yourself on the back, because now you are more advanced than ninety percent of the Minecraft population, whom just use the default settings without knowing that they are hindering themselves.


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