Hunger is an element in the game of Minecraft that, when playing in a specific mode, is going to require you to consume food in order to survive. While there are different difficulty modes and different uses for hunger management, if it is integrated into the format for which you are playing, it is very important to look after your health meter and make sure everything is maintained at a high level, otherwise you risk actually dying during gameplay.

The hunger bar is the bar of food at the top right.

If you are in creative mode, you don’t need to worry about hunger management. This is not part of the game during this mode, so it isn’t even included during the gameplay. While during regular game mode, there is a peaceful difficulty, which means you are not going to have hunger management involved with the game either, nor are you going to have to deal with it with the Pocket Edition. However, if you are in a player vs. player mode (PvP), you need to make sure you monitor your hunger and health levels.

Your character’s overall hunger in the game of Minecraft is displayed next to the health bar. As your bar starts to go down, you are going to start to deal with several undesirable variables that might strike. First, you are going to lose your ability to heal yourself, and eventually, you are going to start receiving a starvation damage. While playing though, it is important to know you have something called saturation. This is a level over your health that is burned through first. Once this is burned through during your general activities, you are going to find that your health level is going to start to go down. In order to replenish your health and saturation levels, you need to eat food.

If your hunger ever drops below the 90 percent range, you are no longer going to be able to heal yourself. However, when it drops under 30 percent, you are no longer going to be able to sprint, and when your hunger hits zero, you are going to start taking damage in your health. This is going to have different effects on you, all depending on the difficulty mode you are playing. If you are in Easy mode, you are not going to lose half of your health in hit points, but if you are in Normal mode, you can be reduced to a single hit point, which means if you are attacked, you could die instantly. This is especially the case if you are adventuring.

There are different items of food that are going to help restore variations of your health, depending on what you eat. There are some special foods you need to look out for. Golden Apples are located in chests from dungeons or when you craft the apples yourself and are the only food you can eat with a full hunger bar. On top of this, you are going to receive a five second regeneration healing, which can give you more than top health for a set period of time. A Golden Carrot can only be crafted, gives you more saturation than the golden apples, but there there is no regeneration.

In terms of the best food to look out for throughout the game, you want steak and pork chops, spider eyes and cooked salmon.


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