The End is a place in Minecraft that holds, what could be called, the final boss of the game. This antagonist’s name is The Ender Dragon.

The Ender Dragon is a very tough opponent, indeed. It takes much more than luck to defeat this gargantuan foe, but if you want to beat the game it must be done. Do not go in blind. Here is a guide to make this process as painless as possible, for you at least!

Getting to ‘The End’

This can be an annoying task. In order to open the portal that leads to The End you must kill Endermen. Endermen randomly spawn all over the normal Minecraft world, also known as The Overworld. These Endermen drop ender pearls and you need twelve of them to get to The End. When you see an Enderman do not panic. The fight is not very hard, if you know what to do. As soon as put an Enderman into your crosshairs he will freeze for a few seconds and let out a loud moan. This is when you should strike. If you are not quick then he will start teleporting towards you. A bow and arrow is best used to take down this foe. Shoot him as soon as he lets out his menacing yell. After you get twelve ender pearls, you must craft them into eyes of ender, or trade a villager for them, using the pearls as currency.

You can use an eye of ender in order to find a stronghold. Once you locate a stronghold, prepare for battle and then go to it. Once inside, you will find a frame where you need to place the eyes of ender. If you are lucky, you will not need to use all twelve, but bring them all just in case. Once you put all of the eyes inside of the frames, a portal will appear that leads to The End.

Defeating the Ender Dragon

After entering the portal, you will, finally, be in The End. It is much like The Nether in appearance, but much smaller. There pillars, made of obsidian, with ender pearls on top of them all, which heal the dragon. Use a bow and arrow to shoot all of the pearls. The pearls will explode as soon as they are hit. After that are all defeated, the dragon will no longer be healed by them. Once the dragon’s source of healing is gone, you can attack him, but be careful it will still be a very tough fight. Use whatever you wish to fight the dragon with. After defeating the dragon, a portal will appear that will take you back to The Overworld, but before you appear back home a poem will appear, which is, technically, the end of the game. I hope this guide helps you on your quest to defeat The Ender Dragon. Good luck!


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