So you’re finally ready to learn about and play Minecraft. As with any new endeavor, the more prepared one is, the more pleasant the experience. Take a look at the pointers below to enhance your Minecraft experience.

Minecraft is a game that provides one with a lot of tools, but they don’t have to always be used in the expected way. For example, your torches can be used for removing sand as well as shovels, and may sometimes be faster. The peaceful setting may not be the most exciting one, but it can help novices avoid zombies and other monsters as they adjust to the pace and rhythms of the game.

The game’s spawn points control both life and death for Minecraft players, and to some extent, they can be manipulated to the player’s advantage. Remember, beds can also serve as spawn points, and it’s not a bad idea to create multiple ones, as they can easily be destroyed. One way to avoid this is to refrain from having too much clutter around your bed when you’re decorating.

With all the zombies and other monsters wandering around the worlds of Minecraft, a player is going to want a place to shelter and regroup. A player can save a lot of time and possibly death by thinking about what they need from a shelter, and how it should appear before they build it. Bring a torch as shelters don’t come with lighting. And as you’re thinking about how you’re going to get in and out of your shelter, especially in an emergency, remember that while pillar jumping is a quicker method than ladders, pillar jumping can also attract the attention of your enemies. At night, your shelter door is vulnerable to zombie attack. You could install an Iron Door during daylight hours, but this is an expensive method, and can create base security problems. One alternative method might be to construct your door out of natural elements such as stone or lava. Be careful in using these methods that you don’t accidentally block or clog needed pathways or set anything on fire, however. It’s permissible to use a fence gate as a door, but be aware that doing this will also make you more vulnerable to creeper attack.

Pay close attention to the game’s many crafting patterns. If things are assembled, or crafted incorrectly, this not only costs the player time, but money in the form of ingots. Many of these objects are put together in a form similar to how they’d be put together in real life, so thinking about the components of an item can save you from ending up with a loom instead of a fishing pole. Remember, you have to pay for that loom all the same!

Since the game is called Minecraft, you’re going to be doing some mining. Players have several different techniques at their disposal here. While it is a slower type of mining, “branch mining” is also the game’s most profitable and monster free method. Remember to bring plenty of torches and at least 64 pickaxes along when using this method.

In terms of food, farming is a more reliable source than livestock raising. Crops need water, and time can be saved by constructing a multi-level greenhouse.


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