Does Florida homeowners insurance cover my game collection?

It may seem silly to some people, but collectors are a funny lot.  And some of them want to know if a homeowners policy covers their collection of video games, comic books, Beanie Babies, or even something more bizarre. The short answer is yes; the longer answer is slightly more complex. A good Florida homeowners insurance company like this, will be able to give you that amount of coverage but know that it might not cover the entire value of the collection.  Very large, or extremely valuable, collections should probably be covered under a separate policy specific to the collection.

Collectors go to great lengths to build, improve, and protect their collectibles, and they take great pride in their collections.  In many cases, these collections contain rare or obscure items that are difficult to find, which means they can be very valuable, and also means that they can be difficult and expensive to replace.  Many collectors possess several of these rare and hard to find pieces and often spent many years and a lot of money to acquire them.  Clearly, they want to be certain that they can be insured. And most collections are covered, at least to a specified amount.

You can legally get a second homeowners policy, but that is not suggested and can be a real headache if anything happens.  And a lot can happen to a collection outside of dramatic events like house fires and burst water pipes: Mold, mildew, and color fading are some examples.  Ask your representative here about covering your collection under a separate, non-homeowners, policy.

Also ask your Florida homeowners insurance company agent what you need to do to insure your collection.  You might need receipts, a videotaped guide to the collection, or an appraisal by the company or a professional.

To summarize, yes, a good Florida homeowners insurance company with will cover your video games as a collection, but only up to a certain amount, and this is true of any collection with few exceptions – comic books, toys, VHS tapes, and more.  If you have a large collection, be sure to take precautionary steps to protect it yourself.

Also consider storing it off property, especially in a climate-controlled unit.  Otherwise, consider investing in some kind of custom storage built, either by yourself or a professional, to the specifications your collection requires.  This is also a great way to display your collection to friends and family.