Car Insurance Quotes Florida Motorists Immediately Need.

It is illegal to drive a vehicle without car insurance in Florida. Unlike other insurances wherein you have the liberty to choose the coverage, you have to ensure your car insurance in Florida provides minimum coverage as stipulated by the state law. The law is lucid in its application. Every vehicle having four or more wheels should have minimum coverage of ten thousand dollars as personal injury protection and ten thousand dollars for property damage. In effect, there should be coverage of twenty thousand dollars but the ten thousand assigned for personal injury protection cannot be transferred to pay for liability in case of damage caused to property. 

Personal injury protection, usually referred to by the abbreviation PIP, is the financial coverage to pay for expenses incurred to treat bodily injuries. It does not matter who is at fault or how an accident has happened, if there is one person or more injured as a result and medical care is needed, then your car insurance in Florida should be able to take care of such expenses. The same coverage also pays for lost wages if any, funeral expenses and lost services. The minimum coverage of ten thousand is not sufficient according to and this is why most motorists would be wiser to choose better and more comprehensive policies. 

There is another type of coverage known as bodily injury liability or BIL. This is not necessary for all motorists but some drivers and especially those who have past violations or have been involved in accidents should get some bodily liability coverage. There is a minimum coverage pertaining to bodily injury liability as well. It is presently ten thousand dollars per person. If personal injury protection is worth twenty thousand dollars, the amount is evenly split and if a case warrants then the entire amount can be used. However, this is the minimum coverage and ideally drivers or motorists should have more than twenty thousand dollars as bodily injury liability and personal injury protection put together. 

Liability for damage caused to property has to be ten thousand dollars or more. Ideally, much more is desirable since the damage could easily amount to tens of thousands in some cases. Any motorist or driver who does not have car insurance in Florida must immediately get insured somewhere like It is illegal to drive a car or vehicle on the streets anywhere in the state if you do not have insurance.