Redstone can be used as wire, powered torches, or be made into powered blocks, in order to create electricity. They are much like batteries that never run out of charge. With this electricity, you can do many things. You make automated doors, create speed boosters for railroads, make wire, make buttons, and create trip-wires.

Powered Rails

Redstone, placed on the ground, can be used as wire. If you were to put down a powered piece of train-track, you would need to have redstone to power it. You could either put redstone torches next to it, or put a redstone block under it. If you want to make it simpler, just put a detector rail in front of the boosting rail. That will activate the booster, without the pesky wire or block. It does not really matter where it is, as long as it is touching the track. Once you do this, the track will be powered. When your cart rides over these, it will go speeding off. You can have five of these for maximum speed.

Switches are very important. There are three types of switches. A button, a pressure block, and, of course, a lever. In order to create a button, put one smooth wood plank into the middle of a crafting table. These can also be made with smooth stone, by also putting it into the middle. Pressure plates are also very important. They can be made out of wood or stone. The wood ones will activate very easily, even by dropping an item on it. The stone one will require more weight, therefor you will need to walk over it for it to activate. The recipe for a pressure plate is two blocks placed, horizontally, next to each other. Levers can be used by putting them near whatever you would like them to activate, and then running redstone wire to said item, such as a door. Then, once you pull the lever, the door will open. If you pull the lever again, it will shut.


Tripwire can be your best friend, if you know how to use it. Placing the tripwire at the entrance of an open area can save your behind, or you could just put it around your house, so that you can watch zombies go BOOM! In order to make tripwire, you need tripwire hook, a wood plank,  and some string, as seen below. You can also make booby-trapped chests, just in case you have nosy people that play on your server. The tripwires will also need to be powered by redstone wire. In order to make a tripwire, you must place two blocks across from each other, as shown in the picture, and then place tripwire between the gap. Run redstone wire out of the side of one of the blocks, and connect it to a block with a lever on it. Pull the lever to activate the tripwire. Also, here is a small tip, trapped chests will not connect to normal chests.

Chest Tripwire Recipe
Tripwire Hook Recipe
Setting a Trip-wire

Dispenser Traps

Dispenser Traps can be extremely useful, and, not to mention, it is a lot of fun to watch zombies get hit with massive amounts of arrows. If you create a few dispensers, you can virtually have a group of archers. In order to make a dispenser, you will need a bow, seven stone blocks, and one piece of redstone. Once you make your own dispenser, you can load it with massive amounts of arrows, and it will constantly shoot them at about one arrow per second. These are great to carry around and then set them down when you are surrounded. If you set down a row of them, nothing can get to you.

Arrow Recipe

Light Switch

With Redstone, and glowstone, you can create a light that you can be powered on or off. Glowstone can be gathered from The Nether. You need to, simply, follow the recipe below, and then you will be able to brighten, or dim, a room.

A Light You can Turn Off!

Extending Redstone Wire

Redstone wire, sadly, has a limit to how far it can reach, but by making a “redstone repeater” you will be able to extend the wire as far as you wish. Simply, put down fifteen wire, then put down a redstone repeater, now rinse and repeat until you are satisfied with the amount of wire you have.

Redstone Repeater

Thank You for Reading!

Thank you for reading this brief guide on redstone. I hope that you now have at least, some, understanding of how it all works. I am Zack and I wish you a happy Minecraft filled day!

Basic Uses for Redstone

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