For the most part, furniture is a design element to your Minecraft home. The furniture can add a new look and feel to the interior of any room, not to mention it is going to drastically increase your ability to show off a finalized house that is more than just an open, blocked space. However, in order to truly complete your room, you need to know how to produce and build the different furniture options. On top of this, there are a few features that you can actually add some functionality to a few of the different furniture designs. Due to this, you can truly transform the way your house looks, all with a few different designs for your furniture.


The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the entire house. This is where you are (probably) going to place your bed, and it is where your character sleeps. The bed is one of the few actually functioning pieces of furniture in the entire game. However, you don’t want your room to simply be a static square with nothing more than an actual bed in it. This is exactly why you need to create your own room with different pieces of furniture in it.

The dresser is rather easy to create as you just need to take two wood plants and place then next to one another on the floor and then double the planks on top. You then place trap doors on all of the planks and this is going to give you the dresser look, plus you can actually open the dresser doors.

Having a bookshelf is a nice addition to any room. With this you are going to construct it in a similar manor to the dresser. Place the two planks next to each other and one on top of the other, then use a stack of three wooden planks horizontally on the shelf in order to finish off the shelf.

Lamps are important for bringing in additional light sources to your room. These are rather easy to create as you just need to place a fence block upright and then place a torch on top of it in order to give you the lamp.

Living Room

In the living room you want to have a coffee table in the middle. To make such a table you want to take any slab type and set it next to your sofa. This is easy to do and instantly adds a bit of class to the living room.

Corner tables are nice to have, and you can place lamps on top of these tables. With the corner table you want to build a fence and then add a wooden pressure plate on top. Additionally, using a carpet or trapdoor look on the top is also going to give a nice finished look to the corner tabs.

Dining Room

You can’t really eat dinner without a dining room table. To make one, place two stair blocks facing one another. Now, you want to set two slabs on the top of these slabs. The floor slab look helps give you a nice feel to it and is one of the best looking tables you can make.

These are some of the best additions of furniture you are able to use throughout the course of the game.


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