There are three strongholds in every Minecraft world, which can make finding them very difficult. Finding them is tricky but still easier than random tasks like getting Florida Insurance Quotes.The strongholds have many different rooms. Some rooms look like prisons, some look like libraries, and one has an end portal within it. You can use the end portal to get to the final boss in Minecraft.

Finding a Stronghold

To find a stronghold, you can shoot an eye of ender, into the air, which will cause it to float in the direction of the closest end portal, thus a stronghold. It may take a few eyes, but you will eventually find a stronghold. Another tip is that a stronghold will always spawn between 640 and 1152 blocks from 0, 0 coordinates.


Once you find a stronghold, you can mine mossy stone brick and cracked brick, which can only be found at a stronghold. There are also chests in every stronghold. In a stronghold, the chest will be in the library, either on the second floor, or on top of bookshelves. Taking the bookshelves can also be handy. You can use them for enchanting later. Below is a list of every item that you can get from a chest in Minecraft.

Also, you can find iron bars, iron doors, books, buttons, torches, different types of blocks, wooden planks, and fences throughout the stronghold.

Ender Portal

Inside of every stronghold, there will be an ender portal. In order to activate it, you need twelve Eyes of Ender. You need to place each one into one part of the portal’s frame. I have already written a guide on how to get to “The End,” and how to defeat the Ender Dragon, which is the final boss in Minecraft. Thank you for reading my guide. I hope that it helped you find a stronghold, or get to the Ender Dragon. We are always posting new guides, so bookmark this site if you would like to be kept up to date.